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Somerset & Dorset
Family History Society

Who’s Who

President and Vice-Presidents

The President of the Society is David T Hawkings.

The Vice-President of the Society is Colin Dean.

Executive Committee

The Somerset & Dorset Family History Society is run entirely by its Members, working on a purely voluntary basis in their spare time. The Society does not have any paid personnel.

The running of the Society is overseen by the Executive Committee. As the Society is a Registered Charity, the Executive Committee members are the Trustees of the Charity, and are bound by the laws relating to Charities. The Executive Committee establishes and manages the policy of the SDFHS; reviews the performance of the Society and plans its future growth and activities; receives reports from the functional committees and approves their activities; manages the finances of the Society.

The Society’s Officers currently consist of the Chairman (Rita Pettet), the Secretary (Ted Udall), the Treasurer (Ivan Gould), and a Vice-Chair for each county: Jennie McGowan is the Vice-Chairman for Dorset. The Somerset post is currently vacant.

The Executive Committee currently comprises the Officers, Representatives appointed annually by each of the regional Groups of the Society, the Family History Centre Representative, the Health and Safety Officer, the Website Manager and the Journal Editor, as follows:

Mid Somerset – Peter Welch

Taunton – David Brown

Yeovil – Ted Udall

Blackmore Vale – Laura Lyon

East Dorset – John Tanner

South Dorset – Jennie McGowan

West Dorset – Sue Wilson

West Somerset – Jane Sharp

Out of Counties – Michael Pitfield

Health and Safety Officer – John Brooking

Website Manager – Christopher Hall

Editor of The Greenwood Tree – Paul Radford