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Out of Counties

A recent analysis of the Society’s membership indicated that by far the largest ‘group’ amongst us is those who do not live in either Somerset or Dorset. While local, ‘within-counties’ groups are represented on the Executive Committee, this extensive ‘out-of counties’ group is not. In an effort to remedy this, and given the opportunities presented by technology, the committee has decided to appoint an Out of Counties Representative. Clearly this is a new departure for the Society, and is something of an experiment. With goodwill all round it is hoped it will develop and prove successful.

There are two aspects to the Out of Counties Group.

The first is to ensure that the interests of people living outside of Somerset and Dorset are taken into account by the Executive Committee.

The Committee is also keen to foster the idea of ‘local groups’ of members liaising together informally either online or face-to-face. So far, we have successful groups like this in the UK in South East England, and in South Wales. Overseas, there are thriving groups in Australia & New Zealand, and Canada. These groups are growing and proving valuable to members. Local groups can help with local census records, government birth, death and marriage records and connection to other local societies (eg local history) that may help with research. Overseas groups can assist with immigration/emigration records, shipping records, as well as knowledge of local resources. If you are in or near these areas and would like to join these networks please contact us using the form below.

If you are elsewhere and would like to form such a group please use the form.

While Group members have a good deal of local knowledge, they are not usually in a position to carry out documentary research. If you need research done, please see “How We Can Help.”

Use the form to send a message, or post to S&DFHS, Broadway House, Peter Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1PN, United Kingdom.