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Somerset & Dorset
Family History Society

Pedigree & Family Tree Service

We offer a facility whereby family historians with Somerset and Dorset connections can benefit from the research of others.

The Society holds more than 3,500 sets of documents donated by members and others. The collection consists mainly of pedigrees and family trees, but also includes some copies of deeds and indentures, lists of names extracted from parish registers, a few wills and some family histories and biographical notes. The collection is continually increasing.

Index to the Pedigrees

You can now download here (click on the link below) the index to the Pedigrees that we hold. This gives you basic information – surname, second surname, the number of pages in the Pedigree and an indication of the counties (in some cases countries overseas) referenced in the Pedigree.

Please note that the basic information contained in the Index should be used as a guide only, and our Pedigree Team members will always be happy to check if a Pedigree is relevant to the family you are researching. See below for the kind of information that you can provide to help them to help you.

Additions to the Archive

The Society welcomes additions to the collection of pedigrees and family trees from both members and non-members. Provided documents are legible and the result of serious research they will be acceptable so long as they contain at least one named individual who was born, married or died in Somerset or Dorset.

For obvious reasons the Society cannot guarantee the genealogical accuracy of any items supplied to enquirers.

Computer Searches

The Society maintains a computer index of every person named in the collection which we can search for you.

We strongly recommend that you send us some basic details and ask us to check if a pedigree is relevant to your family, before you order a copy.


If you are uncertain as to which Pedigree to order and would like us to check details to try to ensure that you have identified one that would be relevant to your research, please send us some details that will help (as described below), asking us to do a search of the Pedigrees for you. The minimum charge for a search for an individual or family is £5.00. If you would like us to search for several individuals or families, please ask the Pedigree Service for an estimate of the cost before they do the work. Once we have identified relevant Pedigree(s), then it/they will be posted to you at a charge of 25p per page copied, plus the £5 ‘search fee’ (and postage, see below). The number of pages in a Pedigree is noted in the Index.

Postage – UK:  If you order a Pedigree by post to be mailed to a UK address, please enclose a C4 stamped addressed envelope. A Pedigree request of a few pages should only require a ‘Letter’ stamp but if in doubt, or if you know that the Pedigree you are ordering contains many pages, we would suggest using a ‘Large Letter’ stamp.  If you order a Pedigree by sending an e-mail, then you will be charged the appropriate postage.

Postage outside the UK: please enquire in advance for postal rates.

How to apply

Requests for information should be sent to:

Pedigrees Service, SDFHS, Broadway House, Peter St., Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1PN or by e-mail.

At busy times, priority is given to research requests from SDFHS members so please, if you are a member, state this when making your request and quote your membership number.

Payments for searches and lists should be by cheque made payable to S&DFHS, in pounds sterling, or by visiting our online shop and paying under the ‘Research Fees‘ category.

Database Search Request

Please provide information as precisely as possible and send it to the Society with a cheque made out to the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society and a stamped addressed envelope, or pay at the online shop (details as above).

First name(s). You may name either an individual or state “Family”.

Surname. If appropriate give both the  modern version and earlier variants in spelling.

Née = maiden surname (optional). If known, this may help to clinch a successful search.

Dates. It would be helpful if you can give an idea of the date or range of dates which you are researching, eg; ’17th century” or ‘1700-1800″. Please note that we can not search for people who may still be alive so are unable to search for anyone born after 1915.

Location. It will help both you and us if the parish or parishes can be specified. Failing that please name the general area. For example: ‘parishes south of Bath’ or the county (Somerset or Dorset).

Details of the person or family in which you are interested

First name(s)

Your details

Membership No:
E-mail address:
Daytime telephone number (in case we have any queries):