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Somerset & Dorset
Family History Society

Society Library

The Society has a unique collection of books and CDs useful to Family and Social Historians housed at our Centre in Yeovil.

Library Dorset

The collection includes many illustrated books on the People, Towns and Villages of Somerset and Dorset and surrounding area. There are also Reference works such as Hutchins Dorset, Collinson’s Somerset and The Phillimore Atlas. General Family History, topics are covered as well as Heraldry and House History.

Search the Library Catalogue.

You can search our Library Catalogue here. Once you have found a book of interest you could visit us at Yeovil to browse. Alternatively you could request a volunteer to search a topic within it. Please provide a minimum of the Title and the Library ID if possible. There will be a small fee for this service.

Hutchins Volumes
Collinson Volumes

Searching for a Book Title, is the best starting place. Another way is to enter the Topic, or Town and or Village This can be refined if you know the Author, Publisher or ISBN.

Example 1:-

You are interested in the Chinnock Villages of Somerset.

Enter “Chinnock” in the “Title” box and press search.  There are 12 search results that you can scroll through to find a publication.

Example 2:-

You want to know if we have a copy of A Dorset Camera by David Burnett.

Enter “Dorset Camera” (Not A Dorset Camera) in the “Title” box and press search. This will find two books 1855-1914 and 1914-45.

Search the Library Catalogue