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The Greenwood Tree is the journal of the Somerset & Dorset FHS and is published four times a year, in (from 2017) March, June, September and December. All SDFHS members receive the journal free of charge. The Greenwood Tree was first published as a newsletter in 1975, shortly after the founding of the Society.

The first edition of The Greenwood Tree

The first issue had 12 typed A4 sheets – and no photographs.

Since the first edition appeared we have published over 150 editions and the journal has grown to be one of the most respected family history journals anywhere. In 1998, 1999 and 2000 it was joint runner-up in the Elizabeth Simpson competition organised by the Federation of Family History Societies. In 2001 The Greenwood Tree won the Elizabeth Simpson Award outright and won again in 2010 & 2011 in the category for large Societies.

The Greenwood Tree now (usually) consists of 32 A4 pages, is fully illustrated and is printed on high quality paper. Previews by the Editor of the contents of each edition can be found on our blog.

Download November 2015 Greenwood Tree

If you are thinking of joining the Society and would like to look at the content of an edition of our journal, you can download the November 2015 issue free of charge.

What’s in The Greenwood Tree?

The Greenwood Tree belongs to the members; it is the way to read about and share an interest in family history with an emphasis on Somerset and Dorset. Typical content includes original articles; reports and news about the Society’s regional Groups; a People, Places and Problems section for help and advice from our world-wide membership; details of activities in the Research Centre; regular features on the two counties and more general news and information for researchers. We also include details of the Society’s research services, including our pedigree collection, databases and parish information.

CD/Memory stick with all the issues from 1975 to 2015

You can now purchase a CD or memory stick with fully searchable PDFs of all the editions of The Greenwood Tree published during our first 40 years. SDFHS Members can download PDFs of all editions since November 2015 in our Members’ Area.

Writing for The Greenwood Tree

The editor welcomes articles of any length, handwritten, typed, or preferably as an email attachment. Illustrations are particularly welcome. Digital images should be scanned to at least 300dpi.

Please include your full postal address and email address if you have one. All material should be sent to the Editor, Paul Radford: Email  or by post to: The Editor, Greenwood Tree, Stumps Cottage, Oxbridge, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3UB.

Advertising in The Greenwood Tree

We welcome inquiries about advertising in The Greenwood Tree. Cost for 82.5mm X 45 mm box: £12 (single issue), £36 (4 issues). Other sizes by arrangement.

Please contact: Barbara Elsmore, Broadway House, Peter St., Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1PN. Email. Phone: 01935 429609.

Back issues and binders

Back numbers are available £5 (UK) or £6 (Overseas), to include postage from the SDFHS bookshop. We also sell A4 binders for The Greenwood Tree for £8.95 (UK) or £10.95 (Overseas).


Indexes for later volumes have not been prepared as all volumes (to the end of 2015) are now included as fully-searchable PDFs on the CD/Memory Stick which can be purchased from our bookshop. Members of the Society can download all issues from 2016 onwards in our Members’ Area.