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The Greenwood Tree – Dec 2021

Crime and Punishment, the theme of the December issue of The Greenwood Tree, prompted members to delve into the unsavoury side of their ancestors’ lives and they came up with a wealth of stories, from the mildly comic to the deeply tragic Editor Paul Radford previews the edition which will be mailed to members at the end of November and which SDFHS members can already view or download from the Members’ Area of the Society’s website The front cover shows a Banksy artwork on the...

Rick Fire

Fire! Fire! What a co-incidence!  I was browsing through the British Newspaper Archive when I came across an article in the Western Gazette for 30 July 1927 about a rick fire in Nether Compton As I read through the article I realised that I have four photographs amongst my family collection that were taken on the same day and which now illustrate this long ago event: RICK FIRE YEOVIL BRIGADE'S "GOOD TURN" TO SHERBORNE While Sherborne Fire Brigade were enjoying their annual...

The A to Z of Yeovil’s History – Yeovil’s Virtual Museum

I wonder how many of us, me included, take this unique, photo packed source of information for granted  Please allow me to tell you about some recent research of mine In September 1933 my father, Ralph Collings was fortunate indeed to be apprenticed as an Ironmonger to Hill, Sawtell in Yeovil He had left school the previous summer, a bad time in which to find a job as it was right in the middle of what would become known as 'the great depression'  Having successfully...

The Greenwood Tree – Sept 2021

The theme of the September edition of The Greenwood Tree is Grandfathers and members and readers provided the usual fund of great stories, this time about male ancestors several generations back Editor Paul Radford previews the edition which has been mailed to SDFHS members who can also view or download it from the Members’ Area of the Society’s website The magazine also provides necessary information for the Society’s forthcoming AGM/Open Day on September 18 which will be held via Zoom...

Hethfelton building site

In 1929 my grandfather Arthur Collings, a carpenter/builder by trade, became the foreman for the construction of a new building in or near Hethfelton, Wool, Dorset He had a Box Brownie camera and he took pictures of the building site which had quite a large workforce Some of the men, including Frank Hann later identified by my father, would have travelled from Nether Compton and stayed on-site somewhere during the week  One thing that struck me was the height of the scaffolding...

Member and Guest Blogs Welcome

We welcome guest and member blog posts on any topic with a family history connection and invite you to send your contributions, which should include photo/photos, to the editor Barbara Elsmore