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B3 Large Letter - up to 500g

B3 Large Letter – up to 500g

10,000 Fallen Remembered on Dorset War Memorials

A Bargain – big price reduction.  (Murial Monk)  The book is a compilation of all the names of those who lost their lives in both World Wars and recorded on war memorials in Dorset, as well as a few names…..


How to Discover Your Family History Using Free Resources

(Anthony E Trice)  A beginner’s guide to researching family history, concentrating on Internet sites that can be used free of charge, thus enabling good progress to be made without incurring significant costs.  The book concentrates mainly on English and Welsh…..


Discover Your Dorset Ancestors

(Chloe O’Shea)  This book is aimed art both amateur family historians as well as experienced genealogists who wish to research their background in the county. The initial chapters deal with different record types, such as newspaper articles, title deeds and…..


Woman at War, My Ancestor Was A

(Emma Jolly) Researching female ancestors at war requires a different approach from that of standard military history research. This book explores women’s military roles in the past, and discusses the wide range of occupations that women could undertake during a…..


Coalminer, My Ancestor Was a

(David Tonks) Fifty years ago Britain was reliant on coal for its energy needs.  Across the country, over a million Brits worked as miners, risking injury and often their lives to extract this “black gold” from the earth. This book…..


Dorset Assizes, Stories from the – Villains, Victims and Tragedies

Stories of some of the dramas, tragedies and even comedies that played out at the Dorset assize courts during the nineteenth century. Collectively the stories paint a fascinating picture, not just of nineteenth century crime, but also of the prevailing…..


The Lives of the Rural Georgian Poor in Somerset 1700-1834

(Anne Murch)  The author brings to life what it was really like to be a member of the rural poor during the Georgian period.  Her findings are based on ten years of detailed research from many sources, primarily the accounts…..


Manorial Records, Introducing

(Ian H Waller)  For centuries, the lives of our ancestors were controlled by the lord of the manor, which continued until their final demise in 1922.  Manorial records are an important source of information, providing a fascinating insight of the…..


Aisholt Parish Registers

A transcription of: Christenings 1598-1949, Marriages 1598-1958, Burials 1598-1949.


Mormon, My Ancestor Was a

(Ian Waller) Charting the history of British Mormons and their journeys to America, the author’s thorough research guide provides the reader with carefully woven history/genealogy research guidance, which is both accessible and professional in its approach. Beginning with a lengthy…..


Gentleman, My Ancestor Was a

(Stuart A Raymond) Between the sixteenth and nineteenth century gentlemen – the gentry – were men who stood just below nobility in wealth and political power; owners of country estates and wide acres. In this book the author examines the…..


National Index of Parish Registers – Dorset

(published in 2002) (Anthony Wilcox) A listing of the available parish registers, including the original registers, bishop’s transcripts and other available copies and transcriptions, for christenings, marriages and banns, and burials, for all Dorset parishes. 153 pages. Soft covers.


Secure the shadow – Somerset photographers 1839 – 1939

(Robin Ansell, Allan Collier & Phil Nichols)  This book is a celebration of Somerset’s photographic history, as seen through the lives and work of nearly 800 photographers. Each photographer is listed with details of where he/she was working and when,…..


Chedzoy Parish Registers

A transcription of: Christenings 1558-1920, Marriages 1558-1920, Burials 1558-1920.


In Service, My Ancestor Was

(Pamela Horn)  By the end of the Victorian era nearly a third of all women and also many men in England and Wales had been a domestic worker at some time in their lives. This book seeks to give some…..


Sixpenny Handley – The Story of Our Parish

(Various authors)  Sixpenny Handley has been home to smugglers and poachers, it has been burnt down on more than one occasion and there have been riots, murders and ghostly riders on horseback.  It is all true, except perhaps for the…..