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Whilst many of these publications date from around the year 2000, and therefore don’t take account fully of what is today available on the internet, they do still provide valuable guidance for beginners to family history research.

The prices of all the Basic Facts series books have been reduced.

Basic Facts About Using Baptism Records for Family Historians

Baptism records are important they often provide the only written record of an ancestor’s early life.  However, baptism has never been compulsory by law in the British Isles so, although most Christian and Jewish people were baptised at some stage…..


Basic Facts about Family History Research in Lancashire

(Rita Hirst)  An explanation of where records are likely to be deposited.  Family History research within the county can be complicated as more than one repository may be involved in research into the records of a single parish. Consideration is…..


Basic Facts about Using Record Offices for Family Historians

(Tom Wood)  This updated edition of the booklet about using record offices includes sections on preparations beforehand, reserving a research place, dos and don?ts, rules and regulations, using your time efficiently, getting help, making notes, and alternatives to County Record…..


Basic Facts about Sources for Family History in the Home

(Iain Swinnerton)  Many families possess documents or artefacts which can help to put together names, dates and places for our ancestors. A surprising number of everyday objects around the house can give us vital information about our ancestors, and the…..


Basic Facts about English Nonconformity for Family Historians

(Michael Gandy)  An introduction to nonconformity with a guide to the records available for the various denominations. Includes a bibliography for further reading. 16 pages.  Soft covers.  Reduced price.


Basic Facts About Using Wills after 1858 and First Avenue House

(Audrey Collins)  This useful booklet explains the uses of wills and administration to family historians, and gives information on District Probate Registries, indexes held elsewhere, and ordering copies by post. There is also a section on the new search room…..


Basic Facts about the Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll

(Richard Ratcliffe)  The Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll is a unique set of fifty large leather-bound volumes, which are located at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. This contains the names of over one million people who donated a guinea to the…..


Basic Facts about Heraldry for Family Historians

(Iain Swinnerton)  Heraldry can be very useful to the family historian as it can show marriage alliances, descents and occupations; it has rightly been called the shorthand of history. The booklet sets out to explain the basic principles of heraldry…..