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How to Discover Your Family History Using Free Resources

(Anthony E Trice)  A beginner’s guide to researching family history, concentrating on Internet sites that can be used free of charge, thus enabling good progress to be made without incurring significant costs.  The book concentrates mainly on English and Welsh…..


Researching Local History – Your Guide to the Sources

(Stuart A Raymond)  The records of parish, county, and diocesan administration, of the courts, of the national government, and of private estates, all have something to tell us about the history of a locality, which can assist with our understanding…..


Nonconformist Records, Introducing

(Ian H Waller)  If your research has not found information about your ancestors, then it is likely they were nonconformists. This immensely detailed book will provide all the help you need to find the information you are searching for.  Following…..


Manorial Records, Introducing

(Ian H Waller)  For centuries, the lives of our ancestors were controlled by the lord of the manor, which continued until their final demise in 1922.  Manorial records are an important source of information, providing a fascinating insight of the…..


Tracing Your Ancestors through the Equity Courts

(Susan T Moore)  The records of the Courts of Equity, which deal with cases of fairness rather than the law, are among the most detailed, extensive and revealing of all the legal documents historians can consult, yet they are often…..


Family Feuds – An Introduction to Chancery Proceeding

(Susan T Moore)  ‘Chancery Proceedings’ has become a generic term that encompasses the records of all the courts of equity. The book is in two parts, the first part is intended to whet the appetite of the amateur family historian…..


Tracing Your Georgian Ancestors 1714-1837

(John Wintrip)  This period is before the censuses and civil registration, and so more difficult to research. The book provides a description of aspects of  life in the Georgian period, and a detailed guide to the variety of the genealogically…..


Tracing Your Roman Catholic Ancestors

(Stuart A Raymond)  The aim of this book is to identify the sources needed to trace Catholic family and local history in England and Wales. It begins by outlining the history and structure of English Catholicism.  Sources are scattered in…..


Tracing Your Ancestors Using the UK Historical Timeline

(Angela Smith & Neil Bertram)  This is not a book listing names but a huge source of references between 1066 and 2021.  It enables the researcher to link dates connected with their ancestral research to historical events of all sorts……


Divorced, Bigamist, Bereaved?

(Rebecca Probert) The family historian?s guide to marital breakdown, separation, widowhood, and remarriage: from 1600 to the 1970s. A follow-up to Rebecca?s earlier title Marriage Law for Genealogists, that looks at lives which did not meet the common pattern of…..



4th EDITION 2003 (Norman Holding & Iain Swinnerton) This book sets out to provide family history researchers with a list of sources available to them so that they may reconstruct the career of a soldier. Although it provides a few…..


Marriage Law for Genealogists – The Definitive Guide. Second edition.

(Rebecca Probert) A second edition of the author’s guide for everyone tracing the marriages of their English and Welsh ancestors between 1600 and the 20th century. Examines changes over time: who could marry whom, the basic formalities of marriage, requirements…..


Guide to Lloyd’s Marine Collection and Related Marine Sources at the Guildhall Library (3rd Edition)

(compiled by D T Barriskill)  This book reviews the collection of both manuscripts and printed books dealing with marine insurance and associated matters.  Perhaps the most important is the Register, an annual list of vessels giving many details of the…..


English Churches Explained

(Trevor Yorke)  The local church is a familiar landmark in every town, city and village.  But how many people actually understand the reason for it being built in that particular place, how it was constructed, or why it was decorated…..


Windmills and Waterwheels Explained

(Stan Yorke)  For many centuries waterwheels provided the only source of power available to man apart from farm animals and his own sweat.  Used on these islands for at least 2,000 years, they were joined in the 12th century by…..



(Published 1986) (Rosemary Milward) Derbyshire Record Society Occasional Paper No 1. A listing of words found in the wills and inventories from Chesterfield from the period 1521 to 1700, and no longer used today. Although the sources of these terms…..