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Research Fees

Volunteer members of the Somerset & Dorset Research Service will do research on your behalf in the records held at our Family History Centre. For details of this service see here. When you have heard from our Volunteers that they have completed the research, they will let you know how much to pay.

It will help us to identify your payment correctly if you can give some information in the ‘Instructions’ box (an option you will be given during the payment process):

Research – please quote ‘Research’ and give the name of the Volunteer who contacted you from the Society, and the main surname in the research undertaken on your behalf.

Pedigree Service – please quote ‘Pedigree’ and give the main surname(s) of the pedigree(s) requested and (if you know them) the number(s) in our Index, which you can download here.

Photocopies – please quite ‘Copies’ and indicate if these are copies of, for example, a pedigree or an article or pages from The Greenwood Tree or a Library book.

The charge for research is £5 an hour (SDFHS Members) or £10 an hour (non Members). The cost of photocopies or printouts is 25p per page.


Member Research Fees

Our research fees are available in multiples of £5 for members.



Non-Member Research Fees

Our research fees are available in multiples of £10 for non members.



Research fees that are not multiples of £5 or £10

If you have to make up an amount that is not a multiple of £5 or £10 (probably because you have been charged for photocopies or print-outs) you can make up the total here by adding this 50p item to…..