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Over & Nether Compton – Snapshots in Time

(Barbara Elsmore) From midway through the reign of Queen Victoria, to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the many changes affecting the way of life in Over and Nether Compton are explored. Life is viewed through the eyes of members…..


Discover Your Dorset Ancestors

(Chloe O’Shea)  This book is aimed art both amateur family historians as well as experienced genealogists who wish to research their background in the county. The initial chapters deal with different record types, such as newspaper articles, title deeds and…..


Dorset Assizes, Stories from the – Villains, Victims and Tragedies

Stories of some of the dramas, tragedies and even comedies that played out at the Dorset assize courts during the nineteenth century. Collectively the stories paint a fascinating picture, not just of nineteenth century crime, but also of the prevailing…..


Marnhull – Where’s That To In Marn’ll Then?

(Adrian Bailey)  A guide to place names in Marnhull. The author, who became confused in trying to identify so many ‘local’ names as he struggled through his own family history research, decided to trace them all. The book provides a…..


Traditional Dorset Farmhouses

(Bob Machin)  A major series of essays about the author’s research into old countryside buildings, mostly farmhouses. The book is the result of many years of investigation, stemming from the author’s interest in the houses of ordinary people.  What did…..


Marshwood Vale – The Making of a Landscape

(Bob Machin)  This book describes the history of the vale from early times up to more modern times. The vale was an uncultivated waste until the late Saxon period.  By 1086 only twelve small areas had been enclosed.  Many new…..


Crime and Punishment in Dorset – A Thousand Years of Murder, Mayhem and Mystery

(Terry Hearing) The story of Dorset’s criminal past begins with skulduggery in the Royal Family in the 10th century, and progresses through much human folly to treason and murder in the 20th century. Curiously, domestic violence was often not regarded…..


National Index of Parish Registers – Dorset

(published in 2002) (Anthony Wilcox) A listing of the available parish registers, including the original registers, bishop’s transcripts and other available copies and transcriptions, for christenings, marriages and banns, and burials, for all Dorset parishes. 153 pages. Soft covers.


Blandford in the Great War

(ed Nicci Brown) Over 100 of the more than one million UK soldiers killed in the First World War were from Blandford, and more than 200 from nearby villages. This book is a testimony to them, and all the others…..


Sixpenny Handley – The Story of Our Parish

(Various authors)  Sixpenny Handley has been home to smugglers and poachers, it has been burnt down on more than one occasion and there have been riots, murders and ghostly riders on horseback.  It is all true, except perhaps for the…..


Burton Bradstock – Farmers, Fishermen & Flaxspinners

(Elizabeth Buckler Gale)  Enthralling account of the lives of the people of the Burton Bradstock locality from long ago to recent times. 172 pages.  Soft covers.


Loders Back-Along – 2nd Edition

(Bernard Paull)  The author has spent many years collecting post cards and photographs of Loders.  This collection, much of which has been included in the book, has enabled a look back at life and events in the village between the…..


The Building Accounts of Mapperton Rectory 1699-1703

(Ed Bob Machin) – Dorset Record Society Vol 8. Provides detailed information on building practices and costs at a crucially important period, which saw one of the greatest pre-nineteenth century building booms in England. It is rare to find such…..


Sherborne – The Known History of the Shops in Cheap Street

(Alec Oxford)  A methodical journey down the street, recording who or what is there today, then revealing some of the ?evidence? that tell of the past. 102 pages.  Soft covers.


Sherborne – A History of Long Street

(Susan & Ray Penn)  A historical overview of the street, followed by a brief description of each house.  Some of the buildings have been selected for a more detailed attention. 138 pages.  Soft covers.


The Love Poems and Letters of William Barnes and Julia Miles

(Ed Charlotte H Lindgren) – Dorset Record Society publication 10. William Barnes was eighteen years old when he first glimpsed a lively young girl, whose name was Julia Miles, he believed to be ‘about sixteen’ with bright blue eyes and…..