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Secure the shadow – Somerset photographers 1839 – 1939


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(Robin Ansell, Allan Collier & Phil Nichols)  This book is a celebration of Somerset’s photographic history, as seen through the lives and work of nearly 800 photographers. Each photographer is listed with details of where he/she was working and when, together with an indication of the source of the information. The book will appeal to family, local, social and photographic historians, including collectors, as a reliable and indispensable reference source on the subject. The accompanying data DVD, for use on a computer, contains more than 1,500 images mainly produced by Somerset photographers, and a mini-biography of each of the photographers. Book: 105 pages.  soft covers (297 x 210 mm).  DVD:  4,495 pages, of which 2,746 contain images.

Following publication of this book, the authors have continued their research on the photographers who were working in Somerset during this period.  This has resulted in some interesting finds, including a few additional images.  However, most of the amendments are to the timelines or biographies of the photographers, which were originally published on the disk which accompanies the book.  Some of these amendments have implications for the text in the directory of photographers in the book.

A list of the photographers for whom new information has been located, as well as the newly ‘discovered’ names, is provided in an updated biographies list, available here Secure the shadow Updated Biographies ListDownload.  The updated/new information for an entry in the list can be obtained from the authors, as explained in the updated biographies list.