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Sherborne – The Known History of the Shops in Cheap Street

(Alec Oxford)  A methodical journey down the street, recording who or what is there today, then revealing some of the ?evidence? that tell of the past. 102 pages.  Soft covers.


Frome Through the Ages

(Michael McGarvie)  An anthology of items extracted from original documents, to illustrate the life and activities of Frome from earliest times to the present century. 176 pages.  Soft Covers.


English Churches Explained

(Trevor Yorke)  The local church is a familiar landmark in every town, city and village.  But how many people actually understand the reason for it being built in that particular place, how it was constructed, or why it was decorated…..


Yeovil – Letters Home to

(Jack Sweet) During the First World War, Yeovil men and women served on the Western Front, in Belgium and France, and many other places. Letters to and from home were welcomed by all recipients and during the four years of…..


Enmore Parish Registers

A transcription of: Christenings 1578-1948, Marriages 1602-1948, Burials 1578-1958.    


Frome, The Book of

(Michael McGarvie)  A history of Frome covering more than a century.  Includes many photographs and an excellent index. For this new (fifth) edition the photographs in the book have been enhanced to provide better reproduction.  The biography and index have…..


Powerstock – A Dorset Parish Remembers

(ed Richard Connaughton)  The story of the eleven men from Powerstock and its close neighbours, Nettlecombe, North Porton and West Milton, who lost their lives in the First World War. As much information as possible has been gathered about each…..


Windmills and Waterwheels Explained

(Stan Yorke)  For many centuries waterwheels provided the only source of power available to man apart from farm animals and his own sweat.  Used on these islands for at least 2,000 years, they were joined in the 12th century by…..


Exford, Culbone and Oare Parish Registers

A transcription of: Exford: Christenings 1594-1837, Marriages 1594-1837, Burials 1594-1837 Culbone: Christenings 1605-1830, Marriages 1605-1830, Burials 1605-1830 Oare: Christenings 1599-1830, Marriages 1599-1830, Burials 1599-1830


Frome in the Great War

(David Lassman)  Men from Frome and the surrounding area experienced action in all the theatres of war that the global conflict encompassed, and they took part in the numerous battles and campaigns, on land and sea, that have become synonymous…..


Frome, The Buildings of

(Rodney D Goodall)  A study of the development of Frome and its buildings over a period of more than 1300 years, including churches, inns, public building, commercial building and houses. Includes 40 photographs. 149 pages.  Soft covers.


Frome – Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in & Around

(Mick Davis & David Lassman)  Behind Frome’s modern day facade lies a more sinister and foul past; full of murder, kidnapping, rioting, witchcraft and rebellion, among other nefarious activities that have taken place over the centuries in the town and…..


Goathurst Parish Registers

A transcription of: Christenings 1539-1949, Marriages 1539-1949, Burials 1539-1949.


Frome – Crime and Punishment in Regency Frome, 2nd edition

(ed Michael McGarvie)  The journals of Isaac Gregory, Constable of Frome (1813-14 & 1817-18). During both his years of authority he kept a journal of the most interesting occurrences which had happened to him while he was engaged in keeping…..


Luccombe and Stoke Pero Parish Registers

A transcription of: Luccombe: Christenings 1594-1837, Marriages 1594-1837, Burials 1594-1837 Stoke Pero: Christenings 1598-1836, Marriages 1598-1836, Burials 1598-1836.


Chilton Polden: The Tithe Apportionment for the Hamlet of Chilton Polden in Somerset – 1839

A transcription of the tithe apportionment for the hamlet of Chilton Polden, taken from the original dated 20 March 1839. A reduced tracing, in sections, of the associated tithe map ins included, together with indexes of map references and occupiers……