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Dorset Books

Dorchester Century

(Steve Wallis)  A fascinating glimpses of old and new Dorchester highlighting the changing face of the town over a hundred years of the 20th century. Includes over 200 photographs. 144 pages.  Hardback.


Dorchester’s Great War Prison Camp – Living with the Enemy

(Brian Bates)  From 18 German civilians who arrived in Dorchester on 10 August 1914, this prisoner of war camp expanded to house 3,447 men in 113 huts by the end of 1915. This book shows what life was like inside…..


Dorset Through Time

(Steve Wallis)  Over 180 photographs are used to trace the changes that have affected many towns and villages in Dorset over the last century. The pictures are arranged in a ?then and now? fashion, with the modern photograph taken from…..


Thomas Hardy’s Dorset Through Time

(Steve Wallis)  Thomas Hardy celebrated the glorious county of Dorset through his writings.  This book revisits the Dorset heartland of Hardy?s Wessex, and illustrates the changes that have taken place using old and new images. It charts Hardy?s life and…..


Sherborne, John Slade of, Maltster and Bankrupt

(Robert Nantes)  In the late 1820s John Slade borrowed heavily in order to set up as a Maltster and Brewer in Sherborne. Within a few years he was bankrupt and subsequently fled Sherborne. 24 pages.  Soft covers.


Dorset’s Forgotten Heroes

(David Beaton)  The story of more than 100 Dorset men and women whose exceptional courage or outstanding qualities make them true heroes. 128 pages.  Soft covers.


Dorset Privies

(Ian Fox)  This book presents a light-hearted look at Dorset’s loos of yesteryear with local anecdotes and photographs of those buildings still standing. It is fully illustrated. 96 pages.  Soft covers.


Dorset – Curious and Surprising

(Roger Guttridge)  The country clergyman who eloped with a parishioner’s wife … the stranded whale that became a tourist attraction on a Dorset beach … the spinster who kept her companion’s body for almost three years without reporting her death……


Blandford Forum – A Millennium Portrait

(Rodney Legg)  A description of the town through the years in words and pictures, beginning with the prehistoric period. Includes over 300 photographs and illustrations.  A bargain price ? 2 only. 160 pages.  Hardback.


Hawkchurch – Where Dorset Meets Devon

(Banfield & Austin)  The story of a West Country village inspired by the recollections of Jack Banfield. 120 pages.  Hardback.


Bridport, This Good Work

(Fiona Taplin)  A history of Education in Bridport, 1238 ? 2000, written by a retired Bridport teacher.  There were many schools in Bridport, and a chapter is devoted to each type of establishment. Includes picture of pupils and staff, with…..



(Cecil Beaton)  The story of the author’s 15 year lease of this house on the Dorset/Wiltshire border, now owned by Mr. & Mrs. Ritchie. 124 pages.  Soft covers.


Dunshay – Reflections on a Dorset Manor House

(Dr Andrew Norman)  An attractive yet simple medieval house, its former inhabitants include figures who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of architecture, art and sculpture.  Their contributions have been not just of local importance but of national, and…..


Silton – Records of a Dorset Village

(Silton WI)  A history of Silton, a chronicle of people, those who worshipped in the church, walked the lanes, tilled the fields, herded cattle and sheep, worked at the looms, and took part in the activities of the village. 208…..


Yours Reverently … from the pulpit, the pub and the Parish Notes 1948-1953

(Rev Oliver Wilmott)  Records of village life around Loders, Dottery & Askerswell. 250 pages.  Soft covers.