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Wellington Churchwardens Accounts 1611-1637 and 1656-1683

This Society publication, of the accounts from Wellington in Somerset, are of particular interest to those researching early ancestors from this parish because the earliest register of births, marriages and deaths does not commence until 1683. The original churchwardens accounts…..


Woman at War, My Ancestor Was A

(Emma Jolly) Researching female ancestors at war requires a different approach from that of standard military history research. This book explores women’s military roles in the past, and discusses the wide range of occupations that women could undertake during a…..


Cassini Old Series Map – Sheet 183, Yeovil & Frome – 1811-1817

The map covers the same area, is reproduced to the same scale (1:50,000), carries the same map number and uses the same British National Grid Reference, as the corresponding Ordnance Survey Landranger© map.


Coalminer, My Ancestor Was a

(David Tonks) Fifty years ago Britain was reliant on coal for its energy needs.  Across the country, over a million Brits worked as miners, risking injury and often their lives to extract this “black gold” from the earth. This book…..


Dorset Assizes, Stories from the – Villains, Victims and Tragedies

Stories of some of the dramas, tragedies and even comedies that played out at the Dorset assize courts during the nineteenth century. Collectively the stories paint a fascinating picture, not just of nineteenth century crime, but also of the prevailing…..


Nonconformist Records, Introducing

(Ian H Waller)  If your research has not found information about your ancestors, then it is likely they were nonconformists. This immensely detailed book will provide all the help you need to find the information you are searching for.  Following…..


The Lives of the Rural Georgian Poor in Somerset 1700-1834

(Anne Murch)  The author brings to life what it was really like to be a member of the rural poor during the Georgian period.  Her findings are based on ten years of detailed research from many sources, primarily the accounts…..



(Anne Horsfall) Woodland in Dorset is a diversity of mixed plantations, conifers, beech belts, deciduous woods and copses.  Ancient oak and hazel woods are scarce, but have long and interesting histories associated with Royal Forests, monastic estates, medieval deer parks…..


Bastard, My Ancestor Was a

(Ruth Paley)  A family historians guide to sources for illegitimacy in England and Wales, this book provides an introduction to the world of the unmarried mother and her child and discusses how best to formulate a research strategy. It describes…..


Frome in 50 Buildings

(Alastair Macleay)  Situated at the eastern end of the Mendip hills, the Somerset market town of Frome has a wealth of history, much of which lies waiting to be discovered among the architectural gems that line its scenic streets.  Frome…..


Manorial Records, Introducing

(Ian H Waller)  For centuries, the lives of our ancestors were controlled by the lord of the manor, which continued until their final demise in 1922.  Manorial records are an important source of information, providing a fascinating insight of the…..



(John Porter) Dorset’s towns are the survivors of a once much larger number of urban settlements.  Bere Regis, Cerne Abbas, Charmouth, Corfe Castle, Cranborne, Milton Abbas and Stalbridge, were all once towns, with markets and fairs, even MPs, yet none…..


Tyneham – A Tribute

(Andrew Norman) In November 1943, during the Second World, a tiny village near the Dorset coast was busy preparing for Christmas.  Despite the conflict, the community had remained much as it always had been: the big house, church, school, post…..


Aisholt Parish Registers

A transcription of: Christenings 1598-1949, Marriages 1598-1958, Burials 1598-1949.


Cassini Old Series Map – Sheet 194, Dorchester & Weymouth – 1811

The map covers the same area, is reproduced to the same scale (1:50,000), carries the same map number and uses the same British National Grid Reference, as the corresponding Ordnance Survey Landranger© map.


Coker Canvas – The Textile Industry of the Somerset/Dorset Border

(Richard Sims)  Coker Canvas provides the first detailed account of the textile trade in the area around East and West Coker.  Textiles have formed the core of area’s economy from the 17th century and, although not as important as it once…..