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Mormon, My Ancestor Was a

(Ian Waller) Charting the history of British Mormons and their journeys to America, the author’s thorough research guide provides the reader with carefully woven history/genealogy research guidance, which is both accessible and professional in its approach. Beginning with a lengthy…..


Portland, The Island & Royal Manor of – Historic Sources on CD – Version 3

New Release – Version 3    Note that the CD version does not run correctly on Apple Mac computers using operating systems above 10.4 (Tiger).  However copying the files from the CD to the computer hard drive, and running from…..


Roads, Tracks & Turnpikes

(David Viner) Dorset’s roads and tracks have sustained the movement of man, livestock and goods since time immemorial.  They are a delightful way of discovering the county, both by car and on foot.  Green roads, holloways, ancient ox droves, priests’…..


Tracing Your Ancestors through the Equity Courts

(Susan T Moore)  The records of the Courts of Equity, which deal with cases of fairness rather than the law, are among the most detailed, extensive and revealing of all the legal documents historians can consult, yet they are often…..


Traditional Dorset Farmhouses

(Bob Machin)  A major series of essays about the author’s research into old countryside buildings, mostly farmhouses. The book is the result of many years of investigation, stemming from the author’s interest in the houses of ordinary people.  What did…..


Almer Parish Registers

A transcription of: Christenings 1539-1812, Marriages 1541-1811, Burials 1540-1813.


Blackmore Vale

(Hilary Towsend) The Blackmore Vale is Dorset at its most intimate and down-to-earth. The author brings a wonderfully personal touch to what is the first guide to the Blackmore Vale to be published. 87 pages.  Soft covers.  


Exchequer Depositions by Commission 1565-1610 for Somerset

This booklet contains extracts from class E134 of Exchequer Depositions by Commission held at the PRO. The business equity side of the Court of Exchequer included disputes over titles of land, manorial rights, tithes, mineral rights, ex-monastic land, debts, wills…..


Family Feuds – An Introduction to Chancery Proceeding

(Susan T Moore)  ‘Chancery Proceedings’ has become a generic term that encompasses the records of all the courts of equity. The book is in two parts, the first part is intended to whet the appetite of the amateur family historian…..


Londoners, My Ancestors Were

(Cliff Webb) A large percentage of the population has always lived in the London area.  As a result most British genealogists will at some stage in their research stumble across a Londoner, and when they do they are likely to…..


Marshwood Vale – The Making of a Landscape

(Bob Machin)  This book describes the history of the vale from early times up to more modern times. The vale was an uncultivated waste until the late Saxon period.  By 1086 only twelve small areas had been enclosed.  Many new…..


Somerset – Curious and Surprising

(Jack Sweet)  The author describes the many times and the variety of ways in which the people of Somerset enjoyed themselves – sometimes very oddly indeed – in those ’good old days’ when the world and our lives were simpler……


Cranborne Chase

(Desmond Hawkins)  Cranborne Chase is Dorset’s best kept secret.  Not least of its attractions is that most people are uncertain of where or what it is.  Much of the area is high rolling downland that sprawls untidily across Dorset’s eastern…..


Gentleman, My Ancestor Was a

(Stuart A Raymond) Between the sixteenth and nineteenth century gentlemen – the gentry – were men who stood just below nobility in wealth and political power; owners of country estates and wide acres. In this book the author examines the…..


Nunney and Trudoxhill, A Window on

(ed Joyce Jefferson)  The village of Trudoxhill was once part of the parish of Nunney, until it became a parish in its own right in 1950, hence the inclusion of both places in thus book. This history of the two…..


Tracing Your Georgian Ancestors 1714-1837

(John Wintrip)  This period is before the censuses and civil registration, and so more difficult to research. The book provides a description of aspects of  life in the Georgian period, and a detailed guide to the variety of the genealogically…..