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Frome Through the Ages

(Michael McGarvie)  An anthology of items extracted from original documents, to illustrate the life and activities of Frome from earliest times to the present century. 176 pages.  Soft Covers.


Yeovil – Letters Home to

(Jack Sweet) During the First World War, Yeovil men and women served on the Western Front, in Belgium and France, and many other places. Letters to and from home were welcomed by all recipients and during the four years of…..


Frome, The Book of

(Michael McGarvie)  A history of Frome covering more than a century.  Includes many photographs and an excellent index. For this new (fifth) edition the photographs in the book have been enhanced to provide better reproduction.  The biography and index have…..


Frome in the Great War

(David Lassman)  Men from Frome and the surrounding area experienced action in all the theatres of war that the global conflict encompassed, and they took part in the numerous battles and campaigns, on land and sea, that have become synonymous…..


Frome, The Buildings of

(Rodney D Goodall)  A study of the development of Frome and its buildings over a period of more than 1300 years, including churches, inns, public building, commercial building and houses. Includes 40 photographs. 149 pages.  Soft covers.


Frome – Experiences of a 19th Century Gentleman

(ed Derek Gill)  The Diary of Thomas Bunn of Frome.  An extensive introduction to the Bunn family is followed by diary extracts from the 1830s and 1840s. 196 pages.  Soft covers.


Frome – Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in & Around

(Mick Davis & David Lassman)  Behind Frome’s modern day facade lies a more sinister and foul past; full of murder, kidnapping, rioting, witchcraft and rebellion, among other nefarious activities that have taken place over the centuries in the town and…..


Frome, The Historic Inns of

(Mick Davies & Valerie Pitt)   In this first book devoted to the history of Frome?s inns, the authors tell the story of over a hundred inns, ale houses, taverns, hotels and beerhouses in the town. Grand coaching inns played…..


Frome – Crime and Punishment in Regency Frome, 2nd edition

(ed Michael McGarvie)  The journals of Isaac Gregory, Constable of Frome (1813-14 & 1817-18). During both his years of authority he kept a journal of the most interesting occurrences which had happened to him while he was engaged in keeping…..


Yeovil School 1845-1995 – Old Yeovilians’ Association

(David Shorey)  John Aldridge’s School, Kingston School, Yeovil County School, Yeovil School: 1845, 1850, 1925, 1938, 1974, 1995; all names and dates that trace the life of a school which lived and died, but its Old Yeovilians lives on.  150…..


North Cadbury Parish, A Social History of

(Sam Miller)  A series of 32 chapters deal with many aspects of life in North Cadbury, Galhampton and Woolston, covering information such as parish registers, doctors’ remedies, law and order, the militia, parish poor houses, apprentices, tradesmen and poor/church rates……


High Ham – Just a PC to Let You Know

(Grace Rubery)  A collection of early 20th century postcards found in an album belonging to a High Ham family. The postcards are reproduced in this booklet, together with a transcription of the message, and identification of the sender and recipient…..


Lamb’s Tail Soup – Shepton Beauchamp in Pictures

(Patricia Pearce)  A collection of pictures from Shepton Beauchamp, spanning the 20th century, together with informative captions and explanatory text where more information is available. 54 pages, soft covers.


The book of Watchet – A Millennium Portrait

(compiled by David Banks)  This book is a history of the townspeople’s triumphs and tribulations down through the years. Over 400 photographs, nearly all of them previously unpublished, have been gathered together from local inhabitants to bring to life a…..


Wells – It Was Like This in Old Brown’s Time

(Jack Paul)  The story of a family firm 1893 – 1990. The story starts from the information in an advertisement in the Wells Journal of 27th July 1893.  The advert  stated that William Paul, who had been a painter, decorator…..


Bathampton Down – A Hill Divided

(Mary Clark)  The book relates the history of Bathampton Down after its rabbit warren was enclosed in the early 1700s.  Many aspects of this period are covered, including its industrial heritage – farming, stone quarries and the later reservoirs. There…..