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Preview of the February 2015 ‘Greenwood Tree’

Bob Barber previews the first edition of The Greenwood Tree in 2015 which will be reaching members shortly Remember, if you haven’t renewed your membership then you won’t receive your copy So don’t miss out, see: wwwsdfhsorg/ 2015 is an important milestone for our Society as it marks the 40th anniversary of its founding The Society was the brainchild of Mervyn Medlycott, who convened a meeting in the village hall at Sandford Orcas in June 1975, following an appeal in the spring to anyone...

Zulus in Sherborne

The first of our 2015 Sherborne events took place yesterday when Col Iain Swinnerton described the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, followed by a wine-tasting of six South African wines The main events of the Anglo-Zulu war are very familiar to anyone who has seen the film Zulu (all but one of us present yesterday had seen it - some many times!) and its later prequel Zulu Dawn (rather fewer had seen this film) but we all welcomed the opportunity to hear the expert views of the SDFHS Military Advisor,...

Grandad’s spade – another object with a story to tell

Barbara Elsmore tells the story of another of her family treasures - one that won't fit into her box and which 'won't buckle'! It crept up slowly, the need to get the boxes of family photos and mementoes down from the loft where I had stashed them hastily following my mother's death three years previously I soon found myself transported back in time, when I found a photo of my brother Roger standing in the wheelbarrow belonging to my grandfather Arthur Collings in the garden of the old house...

Member and Guest Blogs Welcome

We welcome guest and member blog posts on any topic with a family history connection and invite you to send your contributions, which should include photo/photos, to the editor Barbara Elsmore