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To lie abroad – the Georgian traveller

To lie abroad – the Georgian traveller Speaker: Gordon Le Pard In the eighteenth century, travel became easier for everybody Roads were improved, canals and later railways were developed, and it became much safer to travel by sea At the same time the idea of travelling for pleasure began, from seaside holidays to the Grand Tour of Europe and further to North America and the Far East This presentation is based around artefacts, the majority of which will be original From maps and...

150 years of courtroom drama

150 years of courtroom drama Speaker: Anne Brown Shire Hall, Dorchester, was the centre of justice and local government from 1797 to 1955 The courtroom was the scene of many famous and infamous trials throughout this period from the internationally significant Tolpuddle Martyrs to Martha Brown, said to be the inspiration for Hardy’s Tess of the D’Ubervilles Particularly fascinating, are the stories of the ordinary Dorset men, women and children who found themselves in the dock during...

Searching for surnames: challenges, pitfalls and the downright ridiculous

Searching for surnames: challenges, pitfalls and the downright ridiculous Speaker: Kirsty Gray Kirsty has been involved in the world of genealogy from a very early age She researched her maternal family history and soon found the fascinating surname of Sillifant in her paternal lineage which she enjoyed exploring Kirsty has continued from a rookie to a fully-fledged professional genealogist, business owner, heir tracer, TV/radio personality, Genealogy Show Director, and more...

An introduction to the history and ongoing work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

An expert from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission will be talking about the work of the CWGC which commemorates the 17 million men and women from the Commonwealth who lost their lives in the two World Wars The cemeteries, memorials, graves, landscapes, and records in their care may be found at 23,000 locations and in more than 150 countries and territories They are both the practical means of a commemoration of the fallen and vehicles for discovery, inspiration, and engagement The CWGC...

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