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Brian Jackson 1943-2020

We should like to pay tribute to one of our favourite speakers and we are sure we speak for many. We have learnt of the recent death of that wonderful speaker of all things to do with transport, Brian Jackson. Here at our South Dorset branch, he was a regular and popular addition to our monthly programmes and we will greatly miss his visits. Brian was a brilliant and entertaining speaker whether it was on trains, buses or ships, his knowledge was phenomenal and you could always guarantee a good attendance at his talks and lots of laughs. 

Brian Jackson from Dorset Echo with permission

He regularly wrote articles for the Dorset Echo about the buses, boats and trains he loved so much.

He was passionate about all forms of transport and wrote many books on the subject. During his working life he had been employed at Cosen’s of Weymouth, working on paddle steamers, as a bus driver and an inspector for Southern National, and in later life he became a prison officer. He will be greatly missed.

John Yallop

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10 December 2020
When I was a student in the 1970s I did vacation work as a conductor on the buses in Weymouth when Brian was a driver and later, an inspector. He was always “a character”. Working with him was fun and during turn-around times, or while waiting for coaches to arrive at the Lodmoor car park he would always regale us with his apparently endless tales of the railways and buses. If you mentioned a bus fleet number for almost any vehicle in the South West Brian knew its history, where and when it was built, what services it ran on etc. On all matters transport he WAS Google, before that had even been thought of. I have many fond memories of him. When someone like him passes on, one of the tragedies is that all that knowledge vanishes too. Thankfully Brian wrote many books and has left a lasting legacy so some small part of his extensive learning is preserved. Cheers old mate, we’ll miss you.

Martin Tolley

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