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Migration to Canada and America – Dorset members’ tales

Date: 30th June 2023
Time: 14:00
Location: Zoom
Online | West Dorset Group

Migration to Canada and America – Dorset members’ tales

How my ancestors arrived in the US or Canada: members’ accounts of their own research. Four of our members from the Dorset end of the journey will talk about the common strands, Guernsey to Quebec, West Dorset migrants who served in the Canadian army in the 1st World War and Mormon Maybees who arrived in Utah.

We are planning another session with Canadian and American members’ contributions, later in the year.

If you’ve already emailed Jane in order to attend a zoom meeting this year, you won’t need to contact us again. We will build up a list of subscribers & send out the zoom details, shortly before the meeting.

Otherwise, do contact her ([email protected]) quoting your membership number. We will then add you to our list.

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