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Tales of Local Railways

We were in for a treat as we assembled for two railway themed talks in the Raleigh Hall in Sherborne last Saturday This was the first time our talks were held in this hall and while we clearly regret leaving our Family History Centre in Sherborne, it was good that this, new to us, ground floor venue turned out to be so very convenient and pleasant With the emphasis on local history, the talks attracted many other people as well as members and we would all discover that underpinning these...

The Greenwood Tree, September 2017

The September issue of The Greenwood Tree will be appearing shortly, and SDFHS members can already download the PDF from the Members' Area of our website We have again preserved the colour content in the digital version, so it’s well worth having a look on-line, while you wait for your print copy to arrive I am pleased to introduce our prospective new Editor, Paul Radford (page 63), who will be editing the The Greenwood Tree from 2018 Paul is a retired journalist who spent more than 30 years...

The Wonders of The Library Catalogue or how I came to fight my way through an imaginary net curtain

I struggled to come up with a title that would grab your attention as I knew 'The Library Catalogue' just wouldn't do it I thought 'The Life Changing Library Catalogue' didn't quite have the right ring to it as in the scheme of things it seems such a small achievement but there are years and years of work by a series of long term volunteers at the Family History Centre behind it I take this opportunity to thank the most recent incumbent, Elsie Smith, who has just retired after many years of...

The Greenwood Tree February 2014

Bob Barber, Editor of the SDFHS Journal, The Greenwood Tree, gives a preview of the February 2014 issue Another year rolls by and we start the year with a small facelift for The Greenwood Tree, including a slight colour change and some new layouts for the yellow pages and inside covers We begin a new series of articles in the February 2014 edition Colin Dean, former editor and a regular contributor, will highlight some of the rare, sometimes unique, material held in the SDFHS Research Centre...

Member and Guest Blogs Welcome

We welcome guest and member blog posts on any topic with a family history connection and invite you to send your contributions, which should include photo/photos, to the editor Barbara Elsmore