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The Greenwood Tree – June 2017

The June issue of The Greenwood Tree will be appearing shortly and is due to be posted to all 2017 Members this week It can also be viewed and/or downloaded as a PDF file in the Members’ Area of our website As we did in the March issue, we have preserved the colour content in the digital version, so it’s well worth having a look on-line       In addition to the usual wide range of articles, this issue contains details (yellow page i, and p61) of the Society's annual...

From Slavery to the Workhouse

I am sure many of us have discovered that one or more of our early family members went into the workhouse Sitting at our computers in our centrally heated homes we have tried to imagine what it might have been like with, perhaps, images coming to mind of Oliver Twist asking for more, or the heavily pregnant Fanny Robin, in Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd, painfully making her way to the workhouse to meet her fate We are likely to have gleaned that this was to be avoided at all...

The Greenwood Tree – March 2017

The March 2017 issue of The Greenwood Tree is now being printed, and will be posted to all members of the Society next week This is the first under the new schedule, where the publication dates will be at the beginning of March, June, September and December So if you’ve been wondering where your copy of The Greenwood Tree has got to, don’t despair – it will be with you soon Once the print copies are in the post, the PDF version will be uploaded to the Members' Area of our website We...

The Wonders of The Library Catalogue or how I came to fight my way through an imaginary net curtain

I struggled to come up with a title that would grab your attention as I knew 'The Library Catalogue' just wouldn't do it I thought 'The Life Changing Library Catalogue' didn't quite have the right ring to it as in the scheme of things it seems such a small achievement but there are years and years of work by a series of long term volunteers at the Family History Centre behind it I take this opportunity to thank the most recent incumbent, Elsie Smith, who has just retired after many years of...

Robert Goadby – founder of the ‘Western Flying Post’

When Patricia Goadby and her brother Michael arrived at the SDFHS Family History Centre one day to enquire about their illustrious ancestor, Robert Goadby, the founder of the Western Flying Post (now better known as the Western Gazette) we were about to shut up shop However, the timing turned out to be advantageous as we were able to get together with our fellow volunteers in Sherborne Museum, to do some background research, before inviting Patricia and Michael back to hear about what we had...

Member and Guest Blogs Welcome

We welcome guest and member blog posts on any topic with a family history connection and invite you to send your contributions, which should include photo/photos, to the editor Barbara Elsmore