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Provoking memories via Yeovil Library window display

Congratulations to Anne Warr and John Damon for producing such an eye-catching display to promote our society in the window of Yeovil Library This is the second time we have been featured in this window; on the earlier occasion it was to introduce ourselves to Yeovil, shortly after we moved into our Broadway House headquarters The current display contains our new banners which are now pictorial so cannot get out of date in the foreseeable future, which can so easily happen if we use...

Finding and dating unknown family photos

As anyone interested in family history will know when facts come to light that enable a name to be added to a family tree it is not long before starting to wonder what this person might have looked like Many of us will have photographs back to our grandparents and some are lucky to be able to go back to the great grandparents but beyond this it may well be much more difficult It is often tricky too to travel out sideways as great uncles and aunts and all the associated cousins are likely to...

The Greenwood Tree – June 2018

Paul Radford, Editor of the SDFHS Journal, The Greenwood Tree, previews the contents of the June issue which is now being printed and will be posted to all members in early June SDFHS members can already download the electronic version from the Members' Area of the Society's website Migration from the West Country to the New World and the colonies is the main theme of the June edition of The Greenwood Tree, coinciding with the staging of what should be one of the most exciting family...

Britain’s Post War Homes

Did you enjoy the recent BBC2 programme 'A House Through Time' In the last episode Deborah Sugg Ryan showed the Book of Britain's Post-War Homes and this sent me scurrying upstairs as I have a copy of this book tucked away I found it in my grandfather's house when it had to be cleared in 1974 and I think my father, who was associated with the building trade, probably gave it to my grandfather when he was involved with the building of Nether Compton's first council houses in the late...

Intriguing Photographs (- first in series)

We cannot help but be intrigued by mystery photographs They may be of people staring out at us from long ago or they could be of buildings or locations now completely unknown to us I would like to challenge you with two photographs found in one of those lovely old Victorian albums which, if we are very lucky, are found to exist somewhere in our family The album belonged to my great, grand aunt Ada Collings born in Nether Compton in 1869 and I have reason to believe it was a gift, possibly...

Member and Guest Blogs Welcome

We welcome guest and member blog posts on any topic with a family history connection and invite you to send your contributions, which should include photo/photos, to the editor Barbara Elsmore